Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Now where did I put that?

HamRadioQRP now has a TOC

This blog has grown a bit over the past year since I do tend to blah, blah, blah about things.  

The standard blogger toolbox allowed me to add a search box (located in the upper right of desktop viewed pages) and an "archive" tab that allowed you to choose a month of posts in the past, but it has become difficult to find a particular post and there was no built-in way to offer a Table of Contents.

So this week through some Javascript wizardry I added a Table of Contents page.  This is accessible from the menu bar at the top on desktop versions of the site.  

If you visit using a mobile device the site formats to a more mobile friendly display and you can't see the menu bar in its entirety.  If you're viewing on a mobile device you have to touch the bar near the top of the display labeled "Home" and then choose "Table of Contents",

Now when I add new posts they will be automatically added to the TOC in an alphabetized list.  Newer articles will be marked with "New".  Unfortunately I'm a bit too clever with the titles of many of my posts; so often times you can't really tell what a post is about without clicking on the title but at least the opportunity to go exploring is available now.

Additional categorization coming

I'll be adding some additional subheadings to the TOC as I figure out how to better divide the content.  

This blog has grown a bit beyond my initial plans.  I originally intended it to simply be a sort of personal journal of what I was discovering as I learned about QRP and Morse Code but based on the response of viewers, my musings seem to have become useful or at least entertaining to other ham radio operators.  So hopefully the TOC will make it easier to find older content than scrolling page by page into the past.

Just a reminder that this blog is my own journey of discovery and I am far, far from an authority on most of what I write about.  I often find out that I'm quite mistaken about something I've written so take the information you find here with a double bag of salt :)

Questions or ideas for new posts?

As you read the blog, if you have questions or corrections and even suggestions for new posts please add comments to any of the posts.  I try and check on comments at least once a week and I'll follow-up as I'm able.

That's all for now

So lower your power and raise your expectations...

Richard, AA4OO

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