Hamming it up... and more

I enjoy communicating across the county, the state, the country and even the world using Amateur Radio (aka Ham Radio).  My particular interests are in low power QRP operations and using Morse Code.

As I learn about the hobby I'm sharing what I discover in my blog. I hope you can find it informational and/or entertaining.

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Ham Radio Station

I recently revived my HF radio station...

Low Tech:  Ten-Tec Century/21 (ca.1977) -- Kent Hand Key

High Tech:  Elecraft KX3 -- Palm Single Key

Elecraft KX3

Medium Tech: TenTec Eagle


Presently I have 3 antenna systems:

  • 40m Doublet in my Attic -- Primary on WARC bands

  • 80m Windom attached to roof peak (25ft agl) -- Primary antenna on 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m 

  • Random wire end-fed with 9:1 Balun for portable operations

Club Numbers:

  • NAQCC Number: 7935
  • SKCC Number: 14276
  • ​FISTS Number: 13324

Life Beyond Ham radio... 

Photography is one of my passions


And more importantly, my family and the faith that fuels my life

Ham Radio and Photography are enjoyable hobbies, but they are just that, hobbies... not life.  Life is what happens all the time, not just when I'm pounding brass or pressing a shutter button.

I encourage you to enjoy your brief life, and do your best for others, and most important of all have faith...

A word about faith

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have "faith" in something.  You may put your faith in a higher being or your leaders or yourself but as humans we have an innate need to have faith.  Faith is the mental rock we cling to during our storms.

I've sought the foundation for my life in many places over the years but I have always returned to what I've read in the Bible.   

That book, the bible is really a collection of books and letters in one place that when you approach it in earnest will show you your relationship to others, the world and your creator who loves you so much he would buy you back, with his own life.

It's not a self help book.  It is a book about a relationship.  A very special relationship.

Daily Audio Bible from Brian Hardin on Vimeo.

Daily Audio Bible

I'm encouraged every day by listening to the bible read aloud at the DailyAudioBible.   It is a community of people pursuing life in relationship with God.  I heartily recommend a daily dose of the bible as a tonic for the soul. 

What you believe decides how you are going to act today and tomorrow.  What you believe decides how you will react to a situation or a person.  What you believe decides your path.

What do you believe

Richard AA4OO


  1. Love your blog Richard and look forward to each new article .

    Bob N7BDY

  2. Excellent blog, nice QSO today on SSB 7.140 - Glenn KW4TO

  3. Great work Richard. Keep up the great work of educating and sharing this great hobby. Please contact me. Love to have you with us on one or more of the shows.


  4. Liking your blog Richard! I too am a photographer and CW nut! I liked your reminder to check the bug swing at the door and concentrate on proper sending technique. 72/73- Steve -W1SFR.com

  5. 73 Richard & best of DX to you !

  6. Inspirational Blog, Rich....thank you!

  7. This site is very inspirational to the new comer of CW. Very well laid out to help and understand CW but to enjoy it as it's not a race. Excellent work implemented into this blog and shows. 73's Steve VE2CYV

    1. Thanks for the note Steve. I hope to hear you on the air

  8. Very interesting blog. I look at your photos with great interest, you are talented, you have the look of an artist. A little bit about yourself. I am 71 years old, radio amateur since 1966. Regards-Victor un0ja

  9. I cam here looking at code keys and saw Daily Audio Bible, I've been a listener for almost 15 years