Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Best CW training app for Android

Morse Trainer for Ham Radio

I'm always on the lookout for useful tools to help increase my copy speed and enjoyment of CW/Morse Code.  Training applications for beginners that teach letters and letter groups are great to get started but after you're making QSOs and copying at useful speeds those apps get a little stale. 

I recently wrote about using the "Morse News" RSS reader application for PCs. What I liked about Morse News was that it would send the text of news articles as CW.  I found it useful as a natural language trainer but I didn't like being tied to my PC during training.  

I wanted a similar application for my smart phone.

Just the mobile ticket to CW training

I'm not sure how I missed the "Morse Trainer for Ham Radio" app up to now but I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and really find it useful.

Morse Trainer in QSO Text Mode

Training Modes

This app has all the standard Morse Code training tools such as letter training, letter groups, callsign training etc. It also can send the most common 500 words as well as a random sample QSO training mode.  That's all great but what I really find useful is the ability to send your own text that you type or paste into the app and even... wait for it... an ebook reader!  

I must really be a geek but I find the ebook reader makes this a must have CW training app for me.  I converted some of my ebooks into plain text (using Calibre) and placed them in the CWTrainer's application folder on my smart phone.  I then choose the ebook mode, choose a book and it will send it as CW to me and keep track of where I left off.  I use this ebook reader mode to break the monotony of my long drive time.  

ebook mode

It's great fun to witness the expression of the person beside you at a stoplight hearing Morse Code pouring out of your car.  Priceless.

I keep the speed higher than I can comfortably copy so I'm missing some of what is sent. There's nothing like reading an action novel where you're missing half of what's going on. Did Tex get shot or not? I missed that word, hehe.

While this app doesn't read RSS feeds like Morse News application for PC's the text and ebook reader modes more than make up for it. The only bug to-date that I've noticed on my phone is that if I rotate the phone while it's playing it will reset where it was reading from back to the beginning. 

Here's a video from the application's author describing it's functions...

And here's a link to the application in the Google Play store.

I have no affiliation with the maker of this application.  I just wanted to share.

That's all for now

So lower your power and raise your expectations

Richard, AA4OO


  1. Getting back into ham radio and cw after 30+ years. I have been using Morse Trainer to revive my cw skills. I found Morse Trainer to be a very effective tool. I have created 20 or so .txt files with focus on call signs, common ham words, abreviations, etc in csv format, that I use in the ebook mode. I'd be happy to share them with you or your readers. I can be contacted at
    Love reading your blog.

  2. I noticed another bug... If you play it, when someone phone you and answer, you cannot stop and hear CW all over the phone QSO ! Priceless...

  3. @rbarnick I would like to have a copy of those files please. Im just starting out at the tender afe of 63... did a lttle cross traning for 5 groups a minute when i was the medic on a SF A team a mllion years ago

  4. Am a 20 WPM Extra whose skills have diminished to 15-16 WPM and need to be "freshened up". Like many others, I found CW Trainer to be just the ticket. I have not tried the own txt file/ebook mode but plan on doing so soon. My practice mode du jour is word mode 25-30 WPM starting with a 30 dot word separation. As proficiency increases, the dot separation is reduced. (I am now down to 20 dots.)

    Great review and great product.

    1. That is exactly my situation as well. I was having trouble making the jump from character recognition to word recognition. This app fixed the problem, and now I am working down the 20 dot word spacing. Much less frustration! Mark, KE6BB