Sunday, November 26, 2017

CQ WW Contest

FT8 hasn't killed CW yet

I'm not a contester but I enjoy listening to some amazing contestants pulling in those weak signals flying by at 30 wpm during CW contests.  Today is the last day of the...

CQ WW Contest

Lots of CW stations grabbing those final contacts of the contest
I was listening via my SDRPlay connected to a short piece of wire in my garage.  Even with this highly compromised "antenna" I was hearing wall-to-wall CW stations vying for a piece of the action.  I listened to W4SO and other big-gun stations, pulling in DX contacts one after another.

I'm looking forward to the day when my brain can decode call signs at that rate.  I need to spend more time with callsign trainer...

That's all for now...

So lower your power and raise your expectations

Richard AA4OO

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  1. Good morning Richard, the code speed will come with time I started with LCWO and Morse runner to get the speed up. I would listen in on contests and just write down call signs as I heard them as practice only. The code programs are great but once you get into a live contest expect another learning curve as your nerves, excitement, QRM and QRN will all play a part. When I finally went live into a CW contest it was not at all about the score. I set up some goals of my see how many tries it took me to write down the correct call, getting through an exchange without screwing it up because of nerves. Jump right in to a local contest (North America) were the pace is more relaxed and speed is a bit slower. In most all CW contests you will get the few who go at machine gun speed I just pass them by but I do have a program call MRP40 that is great at reading code for the fast ones I want.