Thursday, November 2, 2017

2B Radio Parts replacement bumpers for Vibroplex keys

Rubber baby buggy bumpers

Sometimes I needlessly struggle with a problem because I'm cheap.

My Vibroplex Vibrokeyer was manufactured in 1960.  My Vibroplex Bug was manufactured in the mid 1970s.  In both cases the once flexible, non-skid rubber feet have since turned to hardened rubber fossils. In order to use the keys without them skating all over the desk I employ a variety of non-skid solutions, except for the obvious.

For some reason I seem to have to move stuff on my desk all the time.  I guess I'm never content and constantly reorganize the station and accessories.  Inevitably I misplace a rubber mat or some rubberized shelf liner sticks out from under a key in an unsightly manner. In general it makes the station look shoddy.

Fossil feet on a 1960 Vibroplex Vibrokeyer

Bring out the buggy bumpers

Enter '2B Radio Parts'.  

2B Radio Parts, provide replacement parts for Bugs, paddles for various makes of keys.  I ordered Replacement Vibroplex Bumpers (6 Bumper Pack).  I wasn't aware the 'feet' were called 'bumpers', but there you have it... I have new rubber baby buggy bumpers for my bug and vibrokeyer.

The 6 bumper pack replaced the feet on both keys.  In case you never noticed, many keys, including those made by Vibroplex, have 3 feet rather than 4.  It keeps the key from rocking on a surface that isn't entirely level or flat.

Parts is Parts

The replacement feet... err... bumpers from 2B, fit fine. They were nearly an exact match for the old feet on the 1970s bug but were a smidge taller and slightly different design than those on the 1960 Vibrokeyer.  The older key had a chambered, internal design that I'd guess had a bit more cushion back when it was new.  57 years later, the rubber foot is a brittle relic of its former self.

new bumper left, 1960 Vibrokeyer bumper right

new bumper left, 1960 Vibrokeyer bumper right

Ahhh, no more slip siding away

The old feet are simply held on by countersunk machine screws and the receiving holes in the new bumpers fit without a hitch.

Shod with new boots, shoes, feet, bumpers, whatever

My Vibroplex Bug has a more solid disposition as well now

The moral of the story is stop being cheap and buy some new feet!

That's all for now...  

So lower your power and raise your expectations

P.S.   Oh, speaking of which (lowering your power and raising expectations)... I was sending out my call on 7030 unsuccessfully a couple nights ago, for about 10 minutes.  I was using my TenTec Century/21 at 5 watts QRP and getting lousy spots on RBN (6 to 9dB SNR).  I decided to keep sending CQ a couple more minutes and was finally answered by S51MF, Franz in Slovenia, 4700 miles away.  You just never know what your QRP signal is going to net you.

Richard, AA4OO

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