Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gamify Morse Code

Morse Toad -- the game

I've been looking for ways to interest others in learning Morse Code.  I've found good mobile apps for learning the code but they are for serious study and not in the form of a game. 

Young people are really into their mobile game apps and they always seem to be on the lookout for new mobile apps to try.

There may be other mobile app games that use morse code but this is the first one I've run across.  Morse Toad app is available for both Android and IOS.  It might, just might, be fun enough to get people to learn the code for the fun of it.

It's a bit of a silly game but there are lots of silly games out there and people still seem to play them.  So now you can show the folks you see with their nose buried in their smart phone; tap, tap, tapping away at some game about a really challenging brain teaser game.  "Morse Toad"

Before you know it there will be millions of new Morse Code operators just itching to get their Ham ticket (unlikely).

Game Play

The game begins by presenting the player with a couple of letters lit on a keyboard (A and T).  Then it plays a sound and the player has to tap the correct letter.  After each successful level another letter is added to the keyboard.

Obviously this isn't much of game for someone that already knows the code but it might prove interesting enough to hold someone's attention long enough for them to actually become interested in learning Morse Code for real.

My wife made me stop playing it after a couple of levels, she hears enough morse code in the house without this being added to the mix, but I'll find my headphones and see how far I can get.

Game Availability

Morse Toad is available for download from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.

That's all for now...

So lower your power and raise your expectations

Richard, AA4OO


  1. Thanks Richard, it might be just what I'm looking for. I'm currently using Morse Mentor but can't get used to it. It's kind of boring. It might be the gaming element helps. 73, Bas

  2. Tks Richard !! Its a great app to enjoy and learn ...and that is what Im trying to do. 73 !! Claudio -LU7DH-

  3. Hi, Richard. I tried this app, and it worked about half the time for me. I found myself poking the indicated letters on the virtual keyboard in response to the Morse letter the game generated, and even though the key would light up, the game wouldn't recognize the input. Bleh...
    Doc KK4ZU

    1. Doc, if you contact the writer of the app and let them know which device and OS version you're using they may be able to update it to work with your combo.

  4. Great! The gaming element helped me. Made it through the whole game. Now ready to actually try to put strings of symbols together... 73, K7RJV