Sunday, April 10, 2016

Giving tests is more fun than taking them

Yay, I'm a Volunteer Examiner (VE)

After passing my Extra Class license exam I wanted to take the next step and give back to the hobby by serving as a Volunteer Examiner.  I took the open book test and sent in my paperwork to the ARRL to become accredited.  

VE accreditation 

Since receiving my VE accreditation I had a privilege of serving as a VE at a testing session today (No photos from the test session in this post because the results of the testing sessions are private).  

I enjoyed being able to personally say congratulations to new hams and those getting their upgrades. Those who failed to pass were heartily encouraged to not give up.  There was also fun camaraderie amongst the VE's there.  One of them was a fellow CW operator (W8WZ) who shared some good information with me.

If you have an Extra ticket I encourage you to serve the hobby in this capacity. 
So lower your power and raise your expectations


Richard, AA4OO

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