Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feeling Extra Hammy

I Passed my Extra Exam

I finally took the time to study for the Extra ticket.  The fine Central Carolina VE team administered the exam and did a very professional job for the group of 8 folks taking their tests last Sunday.

Study Guides

I purchased a well done study guide from http://www.kb6nu.com and used QRZ resources page to take practice exams to prepare for the test.  The Extra test has 50 questions compared to the 35 in the Tech and General and draws from a question pool of over 700 questions.  If you have a background in electronics you will need less study than if you do not.  I am a new student of electronics and the process of studying for the exam was very enlightening.

Why go to the effort?

If you are already licensed as a General class you may not see the need for it as it only gives you a bit more spectrum use on some of the bands but if you really want to chase DX the extra (pun intended) spectrum will come in handy.  But I'd recommend studying for it just for the exposure to concepts you may not have explored and more importantly it will allow you to give back to the hobby some if you pursue becoming a VE.  You can be a VE as a General but you are limited in which tests you can administer so most VE teams want Extra class license holders.  I plan to pursue my VE certification after my ticket shows up in the FCC database.

That's all for now

So lower your power and raise your expectations


Richard, N4PBQ/AE


  1. Richard, congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment! I'm proud of you.
    72, Paul AA4XX

    1. Thank you Paul. My trek back into the hobby likely wouldn't have happened without your generous encouragement.

  2. Congratulations! On your exam. I am just studding for my first license and have on electronic in my back pocket but, will study get that accomplishment. 73thr's