Friday, January 8, 2016

Just stand up

The "Nifty Accessories" KX3 stand

Nifty Accessories KX3 stand

The Elecraft KX3 is naturally at home in the wild

My Elecraft KX3 is an incredible radio in many ways.  It's small size makes it a marvel for portable operations.
The upward facing display of the KX3's short legs is ideal for remote, portable operations

But on the desktop it's short stuff

But for desktop operation the short rear legs make for a laid back angle that makes the display difficult to see and the buttons awkward to operate.  I home brewed a stand that I've used for the past few months.  It angled the radio more vertically but it was still low to the desk. 

The KX3 on my homebrew stand

The KX3 "Iron Throne"

I finally felt it was time to give the KX3 some love and give it a proper throne chair for its little princely demeanor.  The KX3 now has some height and sits more vertically.  Access to the face of the radio is much improved.

Here's a closer view...

If you have a KX3 and use it on a desk in the shack the Nifty Accessories stand is a solid addition to improve the ergonomics of your little jewel.  It can be ordered with enough space to clear an attached paddle or lower to the desk if you prefer but I wanted the additional height to get it above some of my taller keys.

One Suggestion... replace the paper clips

The stand comes with big paper clips to hold the KX3 to the stand.  They are a a bit difficult to properly attach with all the cables exiting the KX3 on the left hand side and they look ugly.

I replaced the two paper clips with a small bungee cord which I attach as a loop across the top of the stand.  The bungee cord connects to itself underneath the stand...

The feet of the KX3 then slip under the bungee cord.  It seems to hold it sufficiently and is easier to attach and remove the radio.  It looks nicer as well...

That's all for now

So lower your power and raise your expectations

Richard, N4PBQ


  1. Nice review Richard. I have the Nifty stands for my KX3 and my PX3 and they are just perfect for operating at home. I also never use the when operating remote, but I wouldn't be without them in the shack. Thanks for the great suggestion of using a small bungie cord instead of the large metal paper clips. That's a GREAT idea and I plan on making that change soon.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year. I love your blog. Keep up the great work.



  2. Have you seen anything for a portable stand while in the field? Something that may fold up or some sort of leg extensions? I have the nifty stand at home but am always propping something under the legs while sitting at a picnic table or other portable location.

    Great article and ideas and pics too!

    1. Larry I've seen some folding stand ideas from a couple of places. I think SOTA had a commercial offering and I've seen some articles where people just took stiff cardbard or thin plywood, hinged it at the top and used a couple pieces of knotted twine to adjust the leg angle.

  3. Please look on eBay to see my KX3 & PX3 DoubleDuty Stands that disassemble and the halves nest back to back to each other. I also list a KX2 DoubleDuty Stand that does the same.
    DoubleDuty meaning they work fine in your GoBag and also in your Ham Shack.
    Best emregards and 73 de W6PPP Wally aka on eBay attlabmgr.