Saturday, September 12, 2015

QRP Antennas

Lower your Power and Crank-Up your Tower

QRP means low power but not limited antennas

This antenna site is used by a group of local QRP operators (part of the KnightLites group) to work DX (for example working Hawaii on 160m with less than a watt).  In addition to a beam, the 72ft crank up tower normally supports a number of wire antennas that go to the surrounding ring of trees including a half wave delta loop for 160m.

The site is out in the woods, located away from urban RF interference and is battery powered via a solar array.  It is an ideal location for pulling low powered QRP signals out of the noise.

A lightning strike a few years back badly damaged the shack and it was decided to tear it down and restore the site.  The shack was de-constructed last year but the debris was still on site.  We spent the morning carting away 3 pickup truck loads from the de-constructed shack and cleaning up the site, making it ready for use again.  The tower appears to be sound but Paul plans to have it checked out professionally before taking it back up to full height.

Dick assuming the DOT worker pose
Our cleanup disturbed the homes of some wildlife
Taking debris to the recycling center
Richard and Paul at the base of Excalibur
Recovered antenna elements ready for reassembly 

I'm looking forward to the opportunity to connect my QRP radio to some serious antennas at the Fall QSO party.

That's all for now.

So lower your power and raise your expectations