Thursday, September 17, 2015

100+ Morse Code QSOs as a new CW operator

Passing my 100+ CW mode QSO goal

Last weekend my 100th CW contact was with Terry K8EHE

It took me about six weeks from my first on-air QSO to reach this goal.  I created a map of my world wide QSOs.  Some stations are represented more than once on the map because I had contacts with them on subsequent days.

For some reason stations with a slash in the call failed to generate locations on the map due to a bug in the program I'm using to generate the KML. So some of the stations (at least a few of the DX stations) aren't displayed.

World Wide QSO map (excluding stations with slash in their call)

This map shows the US contacts so far...
Operators in the Midwest must not answer my CQ

Encourage new CW operators

Last night I had the opportunity to be the first CW contact for Larren KE0CGBso it's good to hear other new CW operators coming on the air.  I made sure to QRS to a speed he could comfortably copy. 

That's all for now

So Lower your power and raise your expectations



  1. Thanks for the URL to I am practicing on this site daily. Congratulations on your 100th CW contact! I hope to be able to make my first contact soonly. How long did it take you to learn the code? I learned it for my general and forgot it. Didn't need the code for my extra and have been doing SSB. I'd like to start building some CW qrp rigs but need to re-learn the code first......73's AC7UB

    1. Using and practice copying on air QSOs, I took about 3 weeks to get to a point where I was ready for my first live QSO. I practice copying higher speeds for about 10 minutes each day and my copy speed is improving.

  2. Hi Richard, I think it's so cool that shortly after making your 100th CW QSO, you became the first CW QSO or another aspiring CW enthusiast. Kudos to you for your dedication and also or your encouragement for others who are learning the code.
    Congratulations on making 100+ CW contacts! 73, Paul AA4XX